October 25 2023

Certified Active Listening Coach & Professional (Calc-Pro)

Certified Active Listening Coach & Professional  (Calc-Pro)

Certified Active Listening Coach & Professional (Calc-Pro)
Published 10/2023
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Master the art of active listening, a crucial skill for effective communication and building meaningful relationships.

What you'll learn
Navigate cross-cultural communication considerations and demonstrate respectful listening to individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Refine active listening skills in challenging situations, such as conflicts and misunderstandings, to foster effective resolution and enhance relationships.
Recognize and interpret nonverbal cues to gather comprehensive insights during conversations.
Understand the fundamental principles of active listening and apply practical techniques to engage in meaningful conversations.

No Pre Requisites. Knowledge of computer and English is needed to take up this course online

Welcome to the course "Certified Active Listening Coach & Professional (CALC-Pro)." In this dynamic and practical course, you will embark on a transformative journey to master the art of active listening, a crucial skill for effective communication and building meaningful relationships.Active listening is more than just hearing words; it involves empathetic engagement, understanding diverse perspectives, and responding thoughtfully. This comprehensive course introduces you to a range of techniques and strategies that empower you to become an active listener in various interpersonal contexts.Lesson 1: Foundational Principles of Active Listening In this foundational lesson, you will dive into the core principles of active listening. You'll learn what active listening truly is and explore its origins, key concepts, and how it has evolved for modern workplaces. Discover the power of empathetic listening, which involves connecting with speakers on a deeper level to build rapport and foster trust. We'll also uncover the significance of silence and pauses in allowing speakers to express themselves fully. Additionally, you'll grasp the art of asking open-ended questions that encourage sharing and gaining comprehensive insights. Lastly, you'll master the technique of reflective listening, which involves using paraphrasing and summarizing to demonstrate understanding and validate the speaker's perspective.Lesson 2: Developing Emotional Intelligence for Active Listening Emotional intelligence is a key component of active listening. In this lesson, you'll explore the role of emotional intelligence in effective active listening. You'll delve into emotional awareness, understanding the importance of recognizing and managing personal emotions to remain attentive and present during conversations. Building rapport through emotional intelligence will be a central theme, as you learn how to establish trust and rapport with speakers. Emotion regulation is another critical aspect, involving self-awareness to avoid emotional biases that may hinder active listening. Lastly, you'll uncover the importance of non-judgmental listening and how to overcome cognitive biases for effective communication.Lesson 3: Decoding Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication often conveys as much, if not more, than words. In this lesson, you'll develop the skill of recognizing and interpreting nonverbal cues to gain comprehensive insights during conversations. You'll analyze body language, gestures, posture, and facial expressions to infer emotions and intentions. Understanding the importance of eye contact in building connections and conveying respect will be explored. Sensitivity to cultural nuances in nonverbal communication is crucial for navigating diverse contexts effectively. Additionally, you'll learn how to adapt your listening approach based on nonverbal cues from different individuals.Lesson 4: Active Listening in Challenging Situations Challenging situations, such as conflicts and misunderstandings, require refined active listening skills. In this lesson, you'll discover how to use active listening for conflict resolution, de-escalating conflicts, and finding common ground. Clarifying miscommunications through active and attentive listening will be a focus. You'll also gain insights into handling emotional speakers with composure and support, allowing you to navigate emotional outbursts effectively. Lastly, you'll explore how to deal with disagreements through reflective listening, helping you understand differing perspectives and reach shared understandings in challenging conversations.Lesson 5: Cross-Cultural Considerations in Active Listening In our interconnected world, cross-cultural communication is increasingly important. In this lesson, you'll delve into understanding cultural norms and values that influence communication styles. You'll learn how to adapt active listening techniques to accommodate diverse cultural norms and navigate cross-cultural communication successfully. Additionally, you'll explore the nuances of active listening in international business settings with diverse stakeholders, enabling you to foster understanding and build strong relationships across cultural boundaries.This course is designed to empower professionals, leaders, team members, customer service representatives, students, and anyone eager to develop active listening skills to excel in their personal and professional lives. It requires no specific prerequisites; an open mind and a willingness to enhance your communication abilities will enhance your learning experience.Through active participation, asking questions, and engaging with fellow learners, you will not only acquire knowledge but also develop practical skills that you can immediately apply in your daily life. This course offers a robust foundation for your continuous learning journey, enabling you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of interpersonal dynamics successfully.

Section 1: Learn the Core Principles of Active Listening

Lecture 1 What is Active Listening?

Lecture 2 Connecting Through Empathetic Listening

Lecture 3 The Power of Silence and Pauses

Lecture 4 The Insights Gained Through Open-Ended Questions

Lecture 5 Identifying Multiple Perspectives Using Reflective Listening

Section 2: Develop Emotional Intelligence through Effective Active Listening

Lecture 6 Improving Your Emotional Awareness During Everyday Conversations

Lecture 7 Building Rapport Through Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 8 Practicing Self-Awareness Through Emotional Regulation

Lecture 9 Overcoming Cognitive Biases Using Non-Judgmental Listening

Section 3: De Code the Major Keys of Non Verbal Communications

Lecture 10 Analyzing Key Indicators of Body Language

Lecture 11 Identifying the Importance of Eye Contact in Communication Exchanges

Lecture 12 Applying Cultural Nuances in Nonverbal Communication

Lecture 13 Applying Non-Verbal Cues Through Active Listening

Section 4: Applying Active Listening in Challenging Situations

Lecture 14 Utilizing the Power of Conflict Resolution

Lecture 15 Maintaining Composure During Emotional Conversations

Lecture 16 Engaging in Reflecting Listening During Disagreements

Section 5: Navigating Cross Cultural Issues through Active Listening

Lecture 17 Identifying Cultural Differences That Impact Norms and Values

Lecture 18 Adapting Active Listening Techniques Across Cultures

Lecture 19 Connecting with Global Audiences Using Active Listening

Lecture 20 Conclusion and Takeaways

Working Professionals at all levels starting from Leaders to Managers to Operators,Aspirational Coaches who want to strengthen their coaching competencies in active listening,Trainers, Consultants and HR Professionals




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