October 23 2023

Learn Chinese For Beginners by dan yang

Learn Chinese For Beginners by dan  yang

Learn Chinese For Beginners by dan yang
Published 10/2023
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Chinese pinyin

What you'll learn
learn the pronunciation of 6 single vowels, 18 complex vowels, 23 consonants and 16 integrated syllables
understand and master Chinese pinyin system
learn Chinese tones and the corresponding pronunciation of each tone.
can spell Chinese pronunciation more accurately and pronounce words you don't know more accurately.

no background knowledge is needed

我们的课程优势: 1.内容丰富,生动有趣 2.课程由汉语言专业老师授课,讲解细致到位Advantages of our course:1. The course is rich in content, vivid and interesting2. Courses taught by Chinese language and professional teachers and explains the course in detail我们将课程分为三个章节,第一章节为韵母,包含单韵母和复韵母的读音示范,第二章节为拼音音调,第三章节为声母,包含23个声母以及16个整体认读音节的读音示范。每节课都会有汉语拼音拼读环节,这为汉字学习打下坚实的基础。上完这个课程,你就能完全掌握汉语拼音了。We DIVIDE the course into three chapters: the first chapter is for finals, including pronunciation demonstrations of single finals and complex finals; the second chapter is for pinyin tones; and the third chapter is for initials, including 23 initials and 16 overall syllable pronunciation demonstrations. Each class will have Chinese Pinyin pronunciation, which lays a solid foundation for learning Chinese characters. After taking this course, you will be able to master Chinese pinyin completely.We are specialized in Pinyin course.第一章节第一课单韵母:a o e i u ü第二课复韵母 :ai ei ui ao ou iu ie üe er an en in un ün ang eng ing ong第三课单复韵母复韵母的拼读第四课 :韵母复习(1)第五课: 韵母复习(2)第六课:韵母听力练习第二章节第七课声调: a o e i u ü 的声调第八课声调:复韵母的声调第九课声母:声调听力练习(1)第十课声母:声调听力练习(2)第三章节第十一课声母:b p m f(1)第十二课声母:b p m f(2)第十三课声母:d t n l第十四课声母:g k h第十五课声母:j q x (1)第十六课声母:j q x (2)第十七课声母:z c s zh ch sh r第十八课:z c s第十九课:zh ch sh r第二十课:y w第二十一课:整体认读音节第二十二课:拼音拼读听力练习第二十三课:汉语拼音表Chapter OneLesson One single final: a o e i u uLesson 2 Compound vowel :ai ei ui ao ou iu ie ue er an en in un un ang eng ing ongLesson 3 The spelling of single and complex vowelsLesson 4: Review of vowels (1)Lesson 5: Review of vowels (2)Lesson Six: Vowel listening practiceChapter TwoLesson 7 Tone: The tone of a o e i u uLesson 8 Tone: The tone of a complex finalLesson 9 Consonants: Tone Listening Exercises (1)Lesson 10 Initial Consonants: Tone Listening Exercises (2)Chapter ThreeLesson 11 Initials: b p m f (1)Lesson 12 Initials: b p m f (2)Lesson 13 Initials: d t n lLesson 14 Initials: g k hLesson 15 Initials: j q x (1)Lesson 16 Initials: j q x (2)Lesson 17 Initials: z c s zh ch sh rLesson 18: z c sLesson 19: zh ch sh rLesson 20: y wLesson 21: The overall recognition of syllablesLesson 22: Phonics listening practiceLesson 23: The Chinese Pinyin alphabet通过这个课程,你可以: 1.你可以学习汉语拼音系统中的6个单韵母、18个复韵母以及单韵母和复韵母的拼读,也可以学习到23个声母以及16个整体认读音节的正确读音。 2. 你可以学到汉语的音调以及每个音调对应发音。 3.你们可以更准确地拼读汉语发音,更加准确地读出你不认识的词的发音。 4.通过对汉语拼音的学习,可以培养对汉语的听说能力,并且通过汉语拼音读音来记住汉语字词。总之,学习汉语拼音对于初学者来说是非常重要的一步。它为我们打下了良好的基础,并且使我们更容易进入到后续深入学习中文阶段。 Through this course, you can:1. You can learn the spelling of 6 single finals, 18 complex finals, single finals and complex finals in the Chinese Pinyin system. You can also learn the correct pronunciation of 23 initial consonants and 16 overall recognized syllables.2. You can learn Chinese tones and the corresponding pronunciation of each tone.3. You can spell Chinese pronunciation more accurately and pronounce words you don't know more accurately.4. Through the study of Chinese Pinyin, we can cultivate our listening and speaking ability of Chinese, and remember Chinese words and words through the pronunciation of Chinese pinyin.In a word, learning Chinese pinyin is a very important step for beginners. It laid a good foundation for us and made it easier for us to enter the stage of further learning Chinese.Start your Chinese journey with us today!

Section 1: Finals

Lecture 1 a o e i u ü

Lecture 2 Complex finals(1)

Lecture 3 Complex finals(2)

Lecture 4 Review(1)

Lecture 5 Review(2)

Lecture 6 Practice

Section 2: tones

Lecture 7 Lesson 1 tones(a o e i u ü)

Lecture 8 lesson 2 tones(some single finals and complex finals)

Lecture 9 lesson 3 listen to the tones

Lecture 10 lesson 4 Practice

Section 3: 23 Initials

Lecture 11 lesson 1 b p m f (1)

Lecture 12 lesson 2 b p m f(2)

Lecture 13 lesson 3 d t n l

Lecture 14 lesson 4 g k h

Lecture 15 lesson 5 j q x(1)

Lecture 16 lesson 6 j q x (2)

Lecture 17 lesson 7 z c s zh ch sh r

Lecture 18 lesson 8 z c s

Lecture 19 lesson 9 zh ch sh r

Lecture 20 lesson 10 y w

Lecture 21 lessn 10 overall recognition of syllables

Lecture 22 lesson 11 Practice

Lecture 23 The Chinese Pinyin alphabet

the course is made for those who are new to the Chinese language




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